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Consumer feedback on the NHS Health White Paper – information provision


Indigo Research were asked to obtain feedback from the general public on the government proposals on recommended outcomes, patient choice and information provision, in the recent health white paper to ensure that these truly reflected patient priorities.
The findings needed to be robust enough to stand up to scrutiny and help inform Which’s response into the government’s consultation on the paper.


We adopted a phased evolutionary approach to maximise the value of the research. Initial feedback achieved via consumer clinics with 30 minute interviews and moderators working simultaneously, followed by interim feedback with review of concepts and materials which then followed up with consumer sessions across different lifestages.


Indigo Research highlighted the complexities of consumer choice in selecting a GP or a hospital and the way in which patients desire to have ‘managed guidance and support’. Our research helped identify that priorities lie in a personalised, health information website, reflecting their individual needs offered by one trusted but impartial provider, supported by other written information.

Research findings were reported on the Which? website