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Wandsworth PCT

Assessment of the Expert Patient Programme (EPP)


Indigo Research was asked by Wandsworth PCT to assess the overall impact and value of the EPP (available across all PCTs), in helping patients manage and live with their long-term health conditions.   Research was required to validate and support future investment of the programme and assess impact on use of future healthcare resources.


A combination of focus groups and individual depth interviews conducted amongst previous course participants.  Pre-tasks were completed to help recall the impact of the course on managing their condition.   This approach was an ideal forum for respondents to share positive experiences, challenges and to explore outcomes.
Short Vox Pops interviews at a reunion with trainers, (sufferers themselves who act as mentors), course organisers and participants led to the production of a short inspiring film bringing to life effectiveness and value of the course


The research identified the benefits of EPP both at a patient level in encouraging positive behaviour and changes in attitude and also significantly, judicious use of healthcare resources. However, we also found that recruitment to the courses requires greater support by active healthcare professional referral routes as well as broader publicity and communication pipeline.

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