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National Patient Safety Agency

National Health Service

Communication Strategy – Testing out the cleanyourhands campaign and development of future materials.


Indigo Research were tasked with a number of projects to assess the effectiveness of the current cleanyourhands campaign and develop materials from the acute sector to work across a broad range of community settings.

Initial focus to explore current levels of awareness, knowledge and understanding of hand hygiene and infection control amongst health and social care staff working outside NHS acute hospitals – as a useful benchmark


Individual depth interviews conducted in workplace provided detailed feedback of current awareness and practices of hand hygiene and an understanding of the specific needs and challenges of each care setting.

Further research was conducted to inform the selection and development of materials specifically targeted for a range of broader community settings including: primary care, mental health, ambulance and care trusts.

To provide a more creative and interactive environment , a ‘consumer clinic’ was conducted to bring together hygiene co-ordinators from different health authorities. Co-ordinators from PCTS, ambulance and mental health rotated through three separate sessions that focused on different aspects of the cleanyourhands campaign.


Indigo Research were able to provide clear guidelines in translating acute materials to the community sector and the need to take account of the specific requirements for each care setting.

The workshop session provided invaluable feedback and relationship building between NPSA and those implementing the campaign ensuring greater collaborative working in the future.