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Market exploration – In-depth understanding of consumer needs and the in-store offer


To understand the hearts and minds of both prospective, new and experienced parents, what is important to them at each stage of their journey and future needs. How Mothercare as a specialist retailer can develop an ongoing relationship with them.

Also to keep track of key trends and developments over a period of time.


Ongoing monitor set up with regular focus groups run with different target audiences at two monthly intervals over a year.

Range of pre tasks included at each stage to generate information i.e. diary tasks documenting their lives at this point in time via pictures, photos, diary extracts etc, competitor shop appraisals.

Creative focus groups in viewing facilities enabling management to share consumer insights.

Ideas generated fed into subsequent sessions building and developing learning as project progressed.


Indigo Research passed on excellent insights about parents at key stages of the consumer journey and identified many ideas and inspirations to clearly differentiate Mothercare from competitors and enhance their offer via in-store experience, products, support, staff, service etc.