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JCBBranding and positioning research – Creative development to explore brand extensions for a new toy range, packaging and website.


JCB were looking to expand their current range of children’s products/toys and needed a clear strategy that would work across all elements of the brand: new product range, packaging and website.

Indigo Research’s findings would lead to the creation of an on-line resource for both parents and children to engage, involve and reflect the brand values.


In-home family play and explore sessions were an integral part of the research and these provided key insights into family dynamics and also an opportunity to observe games/activities that actively engaged children. Sessions also included web browsing, again observing firsthand favourite websites, navigation, breadth of sites used and the degree of parental control.

Mum and friendship focus groups, pre and post tasks together entry for a JCB competition for best idea to be included in the new ‘explore’ website.


Indigo Research’s work identified a genuine interest in both an extended product range and the idea of a more interactive and activity focused website to inspire both adults and children. The range and website were subsequently launched with great success.