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Leaflet development research – Communication research to review information on the flu campaign for parents


Indigo Research tested out communication and information aimed at parents of vulnerable children from 6 months to 16 years at increased risk of flu. Potentially sensitive topic area and exacting recruitment criteria.


In-depth interviews with parents of children with a range of serious medical conditions.

One-to-one discussions ideally suited for sensitive issues about their child’s health and an opportunity for honest discussion regarding likelihood of vaccinating their child against flu.

Communication materials shown at different points in the discussion process to reflect a variety of scenarios.


Indigo Research gained excellent insights on motivators and barriers to having their children vaccinated and identified many common fears and misconceptions about the risks involved.

Detailed feedback on all elements of the leaflet including appropriate visuals, reassurance required and emotional and rational pay-offs of inoculation for vulnerable children.

Clear recommendations for modification and changes.