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Development of a social media platform amongst children aged 6-12 and parents


Indigo Research was commissioned by the BBC to explore 6-12 year olds use of online and social media sites. This included behaviours surrounding sharing online content and the impact on their concept of friendship in a digital world. Wider issues of trust and responsibility and how safety and privacy are understood by children and parents were also important.


A mixed methodology including ‘carousel sessions’ with children across 3 school years, in-home accompanied ‘surfing’ sessions and focus groups with parents.

In the Carousel sessions children rotated around 3 key themed zones covering social content, meaning of friendship and privacy and trust, using a variety of creative tasks and approaches. Clients were able to observe the sessions first hand and an edited film brought the research findings to life.


Findings provided clear confirmation of the increasingly early use of social networking site (both child Club Penguin, Moshi Monster and adult Facebook, oriented) with parents often unwittingly acting as role models and early introducers. Research provided very clear directional guidance in terms of key appeal and ‘hooks’ for 6-12 year olds

Developing ways for children to communicate and interact with friends in a fun way, but balanced against safe and age relevant content remains a key challenge amongst this younger age group.