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Brand strategy and product development – Develop a food range aimed at 4-8 year olds communicating health as a priority


Indigo Research were asked to provide insight for developing and evolving Asda’s successful Great Stuff food range with greater focus on health. Also to explore fully mothers’ and children’s perceptions of healthy food and current strategies adopted to feeding their children


Combination of extended focus groups amongst mums with young families and also in-home family sessions (children aged between 1-8 years).

In-home family sessions highlighted the importance of assessing ‘real’ behaviour and observing ‘pester power’ in action. Sessions included discussion about meal planning, healthy eating, shopping behaviours etc. as well as cupboard and fridge audits.

Children participated in a variety of relevant tasks including creative drawing, designing an ideal lunchbox and picture and card sort exercises.

Pre-tasks included diaries and examples of foods that conveyed overt or covert health messages.


Indigo Research’s key insights from mothers and children were used to identify the optimum product range reflecting the desired brand positioning as well as providing clear direction on guidance for packaging: cues, language and design.